Easy to Reach Photo Spots in Sydney

Sydney: Twilight
Sydney cityscape from the ocean at Twilight (Photo by Jason James / CC-BY)

Sydney is a beautiful city, and offers many attractions for both pro and amateur photographers. If you ever find yourself in the city with a few hours to wander about, there are several photo locations to choose from that are in or near the Central Business District (CBD).

Sydney Opera House by Night
Sydney Opera House by Night (Photo by Nicki Mannix / CC-BY)

The most visited place in Australia and without any doubt one of the most photographed buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House is spectacular. You can shoot it from a lot of spots and different angles, and it’s especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

The Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney, Australia
The Royal Botanic Gardens – Sydney, Australia (Photo by David Berkowitz / CC-BY)

Close by, Sydney’s huge Royal Botanic Gardens are a great place to get photos of historic buildings, statues, ponds, flowers, birds, and more. There’s also a small bay (‘Farm Cove’) where you can get great shots of the city skyline.

Sydney Harbor Bridge
Sydney Harbor Bridge during the day (Photo by Alastair Gilfillan / CC-BY)

Also close to the Opera house, the Harbor Bridge makes for many wonderful shots. Due to it’s size, it can be photographed from several locations, one of the most popular being Hickson Road Reserve. From here you can get great photos of the Harbour Bridge with iconic Luna Park in the background.

Circular Quay and the Rocks
Circular Quay and the Rocks, Sydney (Photo by RubyGoes / CC-BY)

Circular Quay is the main harbor port area, used by many of the ferries. While you’ll find lots of people wandering around here, it’s another location where you can take some stunning cityscape photos.

Queen Victoria Building
Queen Victoria Building, Sydney (Photo by Nicki Mannix / CC-BY)

If you’re interested in architectural photography, head over to the Queen Victoria Building. This shopping center is housed in a refurbished building that is really stunning. Step inside, and I guaranteed you’ll want to take some shots.


Many first-time travellers to Asia, particularly those on business, have asked about easily accessible photo opportunities in the cities they visit. This post is part of an ongoing series, each on a different Asian city, introducing a few photo locations for visitors with limited time.

Author: Kana Kukui

Part Asian/part Western, and having lived almost my entire life in Asia, photography, particularly photography in Asia, has been a major interest in both my personal and professional life. Over the years I’ve noticed that there’s a huge pool of talented photographers in Asia that generally goes unnoticed outside their local country. I’ve also found that there is a great interest in Asia by photographers based outside the region. The purpose of this site, and my Twitter (@KanaKukui) is simple: 1) to share some insights about photography in Asia – introducing talented photographers shooting in Asia, and subjects and locations to shoot in the region. And 2) to provide a little inspiration to everyone interested in photography – from the hobbyist to the emerging professional.

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